~mincemeat cakes~

After mince pies and mince pies, I made a few changes and found this recipe for mincemeat cup cakes! They were just as easy to make – bit of cake mix, big spoonful of mincemeat and another dollop of cake mix, few mins in the oven and a different christmassy delight!

Ingredients: makes about 15

175 g self-raising flour

100 g light muscovado sugar

1 tsp mixed spice

175 g butter

3 eggs

2 tbsp milk

about 140 g mincemeat

icing sugar , for dusting

Prepare baking tin with cup cake cases. Put the flour, sugar, spice, butter, eggs and milk into a mixing bowl or processor and whisk for 2-3 mins, until the mix is light and fluffy.

Put a spoonful of cake mix in each case, then add a big teaspoonful of mincemeat and cover the mincemeat with another spoonful of cake mix. Smooth the top.

Bake for at 170°C for 15-18 mins until golden brown and firm. Dust with icing sugar and serve warm or cold, plain or with cream.


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