scone o’ meringue ?

The question “scone or meringue?” should always be asked in a strong Scottish accent. The correct answer (also in a strong Scottish accent) is of course “Naw, ye’er nae wrang, it’s a scone….”

Anyway, enough ancient Scottish jokes, there can never be too many scone recipes and this one is our favourite and seems to work every time.

Ingredients (for about 20)

350g self-raising flour

pinch of salt

2tsp baking powder

2tbsp caster sugar

75g butter

175ml warm milk

How to –

Pre-heat the oven to 180°c, leaving baking sheets in the oven. Combine flour, salt and baking powder together in the processor then add the butter and whiz until the mixture resembles bread crumbs. Tip the dry mixture into a large bowl and slowly add the milk, splash by splash, mixing after each addition with first a knife and then (when too thick) your hands. Gradually, a dough will form although it’ll seem very sticky to begin with. Pat or gently roll the dough out onto a floured surface until about 2cm thick. Using a cutter, cut out as many scones as possible. Rework the dough and continue cutting out scones until there is no dough left. Place the scones on a pre-heated baking sheet and brush them with milk or beaten egg. Bake at 180°c for 10-12 mins until golden.

Eat warm or cold, whole or sliced open and spread with butter and/or jam. They are best eaten the day they are made, but in the unlikely event there are some hanging about the next day, they are nice toasted too.

If you leave out the sugar, these scones go well with stews and gravy.


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