jam and vanilla cup cakes

These are so nice and easy and moreish and gone in a couple of bites and just the thing to go with coffee or tea or milk or hot chocolate.

The surprise jam center is a delicious bonus  …

Preparation is really simple – melt, weigh, mix and fill paper cases! 

Ingredients (about 25 patty cakes)

300g self-raising flour

150g butter

200g caster sugar

2 lightly beaten eggs

150ml milk

sachet of vanilla sugar or 2 tsp vanilla essence

raspberry jam

how to – Place the paper cases on oven trays.

Melt the butter and sugars in a small pan stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Combine eggs, milk and vanilla essence if using it. Put the flour in a large mixing bowl and then pour in the butter and egg mixtures. Stir until well mixed.

Drop 1 heaped teaspoonful of mixture into each paper case, top with a teaspoonful of jam and another heaped teaspoonful of mixture.

Bake at 180°C for 15 mins until golden.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool before decorating.



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2 responses to “jam and vanilla cup cakes

  1. Wow! I think also looks like the perfect item for nice little picnics or even high tea! :

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