~banana cup cakes~

Really simple banana cupcakes

To make 12 big cupcakes, beat the following ingredients together until smooth-

 100 g caster sugar

100 g butter

140 g self-raising flour

2 eggs

1 ripe banana

a tsp of vanilla essence (or a sachet of vanilla sugar)

 Spoon into 12 cupcake cases and bake at 170 for 20-22 mins.

Remove from oven, leave to cool and decorate with thick lemon glacé icing (icing sugar mixed with a squirt of lemon juice) and a sweetie or whatever you have to hand!

Other sweet bits

  Banana bread 


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7 responses to “~banana cup cakes~

  1. These look so good. I love the little treat on top!

  2. Thanks Brittany, so good and so easy!

  3. These sound so simple to make. I love banana cupcakes and muffins!

  4. petit4chocolatier

    Beautiful cupcakes, and they look delicious!

  5. These are very pretty and sound so delicious!

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