~raspberry ripple meringue ice-cream cake~

This is a very easy fruity ice cream cake perfect for warm summer evenings! Just remember it needs to be frozen for a minimum of 4 hours so don’t forget to make it in advance.

It is made in a loaf tin so is easily sliced into 8 good portions.
There’s a delicious balance of raspberries, and meringue with a deep raspberry ice top.

 If having for dessert it’s a good idea to turn out the cake and transfer  to the fridge just before your main course – this means it is a little softer to eat.

Ingredients – 1 litre loaf tin sized cake

Preparation : about  25 mins

Freezing time : minimum 4 hours

150 g raspberries (fresh or frozen)

100g caster sugar

3 eggs

280 ml whipping or thick cream

4 meringues, crushed

optional – 150 g raspberries/crunchy biscuits to serve with the cake

How to : Begin by lining your loaf tin with cling film – this makes it easy to turn the cake out of the tin when ready to eat.  Defrost the raspberries if necessary, put them in a sieve and mash them with a fork; reserve the juice. Next, whisk the eggs and sugar together in a bowl which is placed on a pan of simmering water. Whisk until the eggs get frothy and thicken, then remove the bowl from the heat and continue whisking until the mixture has cooled down – about 10 mins in total if using an electric whisk. In a different bowl, whisk the cream until thickened and then fold the cream into the egg mixture. Finally stir in the crushed meringue pieces. Pour half of the raspberry juice over the bottom of the loaf tin, then pour in the egg/cream/meringue mixture. Lastly, drizzle the remaining raspberry juice over the cake and zig-zag gently with a skewer to make the “ripple”. Freeze the cake for about 4 hours and then lift the cake out of the tin by pulling on the cling film (you may need to pour hot water over the outsides and bottom of the cake tin to ease it a bit). Present the cake on a rectangular cake plate and serve with the extra raspberries.

It’s lovely served with a crunchy biscuit.

It can easily be left in the freezer for a week so plenty of time to be organised!

And of course it can be put back in the freezer to finish another day should there be some left.

This can also be made into individual portions using cling film lined ramekins.

Roll on those summer evenings!

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3 responses to “~raspberry ripple meringue ice-cream cake~

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  2. petit4chocolatier

    I love this too!! The raspberries + cream = yum!

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