~baked tortilla chips~

These crispy tortilla chips make a change from crisps and are much healthier! Of course, I don’t really make them, I just bake ready-made shop bought tortillas!

Simply cut some tortillas into smallish pieces – triangles, oblongs, any shape you like, then bake in the oven for 7 mins at 180°c. or until they are nicely golden. Remove to a cooling rack and leave for 5 mins to cool before packing in a plastic box with a lid.

I prefer them natural as above, but they can also be sprayed with oil and sprinkled with salt or herbs before baking.

Baked tortilla chips with red pepper dip

Baked tortilla chips with  herb and cream dip


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3 responses to “~baked tortilla chips~

  1. What a yummy looking post! =)

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