~blog on fire~

Carla Sue from the really lovely blog Eat Sweet has nominated me for a blog-on-fire award!

Eat Sweet is filled with lovely sweet things and mouth-watering photos, she always has something very tempting there so go and check her out!

The rules for accepting this award are that I should tell you 8 things about myself and nominate 8 of my favourite blogs. So without further ado:

  • I’d rather read a book than watch TV
  • I am allergic to housework!
  • I  cry at sad/happy films
  • I can’t sing for tuppence
  • I hate being late
  • I love toast with lemon curd
  • My favourite quote is “if you want to be happy, be”
  • I love the smell of peonies

Now for the list of 8 really great blogs, some I have only just discovered myself. I have already listed lots of other great ones here and here. Don’t hesitate to have a good read and drool at all the pics!


Fika and more

One picture a million words

manderly cooks

The goodie plate


Kay-Ann’s Bakery

linguistics and cake

Enjoy enjoy and thanks again to Eat Sweet! xx



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8 responses to “~blog on fire~

  1. Thank you very much for the recognition; it is appreciated!
    I really enjoy your blog and am still going through all your wonderful posts. There are many blogs that I appreciate for different reasons within an assortment of categories that I would not be able to nominate and acknowledge only 8 at this time. I will most definitely check out the other blogs you have listed here!


  2. You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Thank you for the nomination! Your blog is very cozy. I love all the recipes that I have seen so far.

  4. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! & Congratulations! Now I’m off to click on your nominee links.

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