~coconut cream~

This is a beautiful thick white cream made from fromage blanc and coconut cream.

It is nice served with fruit or used to dollop on top of other desserts like chocolate brownies. It’s especially good after a spicy meal!

To serve 4 as a dessert, use a fork to mix 300g of fromage blanc (0%), 200ml coconut cream (from a carton) and 40g of icing sugar together, keep tasting to get the coconut flavour and the sweetness that you want! Serve in bowls topped with chopped fruit or alternatively dollop a large spoonful on a portion of fruit salad/ breakfast cereal/chocolate cake  ….

This is pretty creamy as it is, but is also nice when the fromage blanc is replaced with greek yoghurt.


Filed under creams and sauces, Dessert, no-bake

4 responses to “~coconut cream~

  1. A divine combo of coconut cream & fromage blanc, add a bit of icing sugar & you have a great & tasty thicker spread to spoon over scones, cakes &etc! 🙂 Yummm!

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