~Liebster award~

Yeahhh, I’ve been awarded this leibster award by the lovely Maria-Teresa at sugar and spice baking blog. Her tasty blog is filled with lots of delicious Swedish, Austrian and British bites along side funny cartoons, it’s really worth a daily look.

On accepting this award I should :

A write something about myself and then B nominate some blogs I love.

A. I have lived in France for 20 years and am still wary of pronouncing the word “beaucoup”

– pronounced correctly it means “very much” as in merci beaucoup – thanks very much

– pronounced incorrectly it can mean “nice ass”………

This can cause some odd looks in the shopping center when I’m calling “nice ass” to the helpful assistant!

Listen here to hear the subtile difference between both expressions!

Fortunately I can get round this by saying “merci bien” which is much easier.

B. Now for those blogs I enjoy reading – recently I have discovered :

bread and sweet peas

lornas cakery

These are both filled with photos to make you drool. Be tempted, take a look.


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10 responses to “~Liebster award~

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Congratulations and well deserved!!


  2. Hahahaha… sorry but it was a bit amusig with the “nice ass” sentence. The French words can be a bit difficult to pronounce sometimes, even if it’s a beautiful language (I have been there as well). Thank you very much for your lovely words. You do deserve the award! Love your blog. Very happy to be a part of it by reading your posts!

  3. You’re welcome, thanks for the nomination 🙂

  4. Congratulations on you well deserved award. I will have to just say merci from now on when traveling in France.

  5. Congrats! And thank you! I also thought the nice ass part was funny!

  6. Congrats on you latest award!
    I spoke also always French in my last job. I also made huge mistakes like that with other words! 🙂 ,:(!

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