~apple compote~

This quick apple compote, or apple sauce, is great for using up apples!

It’s extremely easy to make and it can be sweetened just as you like it!

The above photo makes it look like there are chunks of apple in the compote, but there aren’t – it’s deliciously smooth and thick!

I used our garden apples, a mixture of cooking and eating apples and basically any apples work – it’s not a good idea to use only cooking apples though as the resulting compote will be pretty bitter and need a lot of sugar to make it tasty!

The quantities can be doubled or halved as necessary – this isn’t a jam so can’t be stored for long periods, but it can be refrigerated and kept for about 3 weeks or spooned into freezer bags and frozen for several months!

Ingredients – for about 600g of compote

1kg apples, peeled, cored and chopped into even sized cubes

juice of half a lemon

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

2tbsp granulated sugar

water – about 200ml

optional : cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger

How to:  Put the apple pieces in a pan with the lemon juice, sugar and vanilla. Add a cinnamon stick or any other spices you feel like at this point. Add a few tablespoons of the water and heat. When the water has been absorbed, add more. Taste every now and again to see if you need to add more sugar. Keep adding water until the apples are soft but don’t add too much or the compote will be too runny. When the apples are soft (after about 10 mins) blend with a stick blender, cool by dipping the bottom of the pan into cold water, then spoon into jars or freezer bags. Keep in the fridge or freeze.

Apple compote is lovely on its own, mixed with natural yoghurt, spooned over breakfast cereal, as a substitute for oil or butter in certain baking recipes, delicious with melted chocolate spread on pancakes, great used as a base for apple pie, as an accompaniment to pork / black pudding …………. There are 1000’s of uses; try googling ways to use apple compote.



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5 responses to “~apple compote~

  1. A lovely apple compote which I love! 🙂 Yummm!

  2. Mmm that looks like it would be perfect over anything! All of your suggestions sound super yummy. Looking forward to reading more from your blog!

  3. petit4chocolatier

    I am going to try preparing this recipe soon; love it! It would be nice welcome gifts too!!

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