~Family of bloggers award~

Yeahhh, thanks to Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy for nominating my blog for this award. I love reading about Indonesian food and there are 100’s of delicious recipes on her blog! The beautiful photos and stories behind typical Indonesian food tops everything off 🙂

This is a nice quick nomination as the “rules” state :

Pay credit to the one who nominated you.
Place a link to the one who nominated you on your award page.
Nominate at least 4 other people to be in your family of bloggers and notify them of their nomination.

So without further ado, I’d like to nominate 4 great blogs I’ve recently discovered and would love to share:


home schooled baking


loving home made

I hope you find time to visit them and that you like them as much as me!

enjoy enjoy x


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4 responses to “~Family of bloggers award~

  1. petit4chocolatier


    Beautiful choices!

  2. Thank you very much – have just done mine! Love your blog

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