~halloween finger food~

I was looking for something to make for Halloween and found an easy, fast recipe for these freaky fingers!

Revolting enough I think!

The original recipe can be found here, I have adapted it slightly. The fingers are sooo easy and quick to make!

Ingredients : for about 20 big fingers

100g sugar

100g butter

1 egg yolk

200g plain flour

zest of 1 lemon

drop of vanilla essence or vanilla sugar

whole flaked almonds (for finger nails)

How to : Whiz everything, except the almonds, together in the processor until you have a stiff dough. It might be necessary to use your hands to pull the dough together at the end. Tear off small pieces of dough and squash the dough into a long thin tubes in your fist, opening and closing your hand. When the dough is compact enough, roll out on the work surface until you have a tube about finger length.

a raw finger

The dough spreads during baking so it’s better to make skinny tubes unless you want really fat fingers! Make slashes on the “fingers” for knuckles and press an almond onto the end to make the fingernail (using the egg white as glue if necessary), trimming off any excess dough round the “nail”. Chill for about 30 mins then bake at 180°c for about 10 mins until golden. Remove from the oven, leave to cool slightly before removing from baking tray to a wire rack.

I painted some of the nails using a paint brush and red food colouring, others were an ugly brown colour so I just left them unpainted.

Beautiful freaky fingers!


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11 responses to “~halloween finger food~

  1. petit4chocolatier

    I love these!!!

  2. Oh, scary fingers. True Halloween style. We are looking for Halloween food at the moment. Might want to try since you said it’s so easy.

  3. Ha! I’ve seen these too, my aunt sent me this recipe because she thought they were so funny! Yuck, yuck, yuck…in a good way. It’d be weird eating something so ugly and it actually tasting good lol!

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  5. These fingers look like the real thing & I love the red nail polish: so real!

  6. I made these for Halloween as well! They are {scarily} realistic looking! Yours look beautiful!

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