~5 minute jam sponge pudding~

This is a lovely easy winter warmer which only takes 5 mins to prepare and 5 mins to cook in the microwave!


   It is nice when you just want a hot pudding but don’t have time to turn the oven on.

It’s pretty rustic, so not dinner party material, but homely and family friendly.


Ingredients : to serve 6

100g self-raising flour

100g sugar

100g butter

2 eggs

2tbsp milk

4 tbsp raspberry jam

The ingredients can easily be halved to make a pudding for 3

How to:  Put the flour into a food processor. Add the sugar, butter, milk and eggs and whiz to make a smooth paste. Grease a glass pudding basin and dust the sides with a little flour. Spoon the jam into the bottom of the basin and pour the sponge mixture on top. Cover loosely with cling film and microwave on High for about 5 mins until the sponge is well spongy to the touch. (If making a smaller pudding, reduce the cooking time accordingly). Turn the pudding out onto a plate, slice and serve with cream, custard, yoghurt or ice-cream.




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6 responses to “~5 minute jam sponge pudding~

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Looks wonderful!! Very scrumptious 🙂

  2. easy to make, I say! It looks lovely & comforting too!

  3. This looks so good! I love raspberry anything! Thanks for sharing!

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