~strawberry tart~

This really is an easy one!


Perfect for a hot day when you want more than bare strawberries.


Roll out about 250g of short crust pastry and prick all over with a fork. Either lay the pastry on a baking tray or put in a fluted flan tin. Bake at 200°c for 10 – 15 mins until golden. Warm  3Tbsp of redcurrent or strawberry jam then paste it over the hot pastry. Finally cut 500g of fresh strawberries into halves or slices and arrange over the pastry, drizzle with any remaining jam and hey presto dessert!

Delicious eaten on it’s own or with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.


It’s best eaten straight away otherwise the juicy strawberries can make the pastry soft and soggy 🙂


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23 responses to “~strawberry tart~

  1. chokadelika

    Humm ! Ca à l’air délicieux !

  2. A perfect summer dessert…easy to prepare and delicious.

  3. j’en ai déjà le goût à la bouche ! 🙂

  4. looks absolutley delicious! I can almost smell the strawberries and the sunshine in your photograph

  5. Easy all right but great in its simplicity. Thank you, Candy.

  6. Aww, finally you are back! I have so been missing your tasty blog posts. This tart looks absolutely delicious!!

  7. This strawberry tart looks divine! The perfect summer treat!

  8. This is the best way to eat strawberries…fresh!

  9. Looks divine! I love strawberries, I would love to use that on puff pastry!

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