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~halloween finger food~

I was looking for something to make for Halloween and found an easy, fast recipe for these freaky fingers!

Revolting enough I think!

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~new year biscuits~

These simple biscuits were always made on new year’s eve at about 9 pm when it was boring to stay awake waiting for the midnight bells.

They can of course be made anytime and upon demand I baked a batch last week!

They are very easy and quick to make!

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~tiffin chocolate crunchies~

This delicious speedy no-bake chocolate treat is great when you don’t want to turn the oven on!

Tiffin is a lovely chocolate mouthful and goes well with tea, coffee, cold milk etc.

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~oat, coconut, sultana and chocolate biscuits~

These are surprisingly light, airy oaty biscuits which are perfect with a cuppa!

Filled with lots of goodness, it’s difficult to eat just one!

There are quite a lot of ingredients, but I usually have all of them in the cupboard, so these biscuits are pretty quick to put together!

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~langues de chat~

These lovely thin biscuits are perfect for nibbling!

Golden, crunchy and not too sweet.

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~smartie cookies~

These bite sized cookies are easy and speedy to make and perfect with a cuppa.

They’ll last a few days in an air-tight tin but are best eaten as soon as possible.

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~wonder chocolate chip cookies~

Wonderful biscuits, wonder how I lived without these, wondering how they can be really great with so little sugar, flour and butter, wonder if I could make them everyday, wonder if there will be any left for tomorrow ….

Deliciously light chocolate chip cookies with a meringue like crust, perfect with a cuppa!

 What more can I ask for  : low-fat, low(er) calorie and delicious!

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