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~easy chocolate fudge~

This is a very easy and quick chocolate fudge recipe!


It makes delicious firm fudge in next to no time with very little effort required!


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~soft butter mints~

OOh these tiny soft mints are just perfect after a rich meal – these tiny minty pebbles just melt in your mouth!


I found this recipe on Sweet 16’s country kitchen and made just one quarter of their recipe. I have recently discovered Sweet 16’s country kitchen blog and I have the feeling I’ll be visiting over and over again. Take a look for yourself, there are plenty of do-able recipes with lovely photos. Thanks Cookin’ Cow girl (wanna’be)!


No baking, just mixing and resting!

Ingredients: makes about 40 mints, each about 1cm in diameter

20g soft butter

1/2 tbsp heavy cream or crème fraîche

1/4 tsp peppermint essence

tiny pinch of salt

110g icing sugar

How to : Beat the butter until pale then add the cream, peppermint and salt and beat again until everything is well mixed. Add the icing sugar bit by bit and continue beating until everything holds together – maybe several minutes in the processor. If the flavour isn’t strong enough add a bit more and beat until well incorporated.  Using your hands, take tiny amounts of the paste and roll into balls, place on grease proof paper and leave 12 hours to dry. Store the mints in an air-tight container in the fridge and try not to eat too many at once!


This recipe is easily doubled or quadrupled.

They are very moreish and I think I’ll keep the larger quantities until I have guests for dinner!


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~coconut cream~

This is a beautiful thick white cream made from fromage blanc and coconut cream.

It is nice served with fruit or used to dollop on top of other desserts like chocolate brownies. It’s especially good after a spicy meal!

To serve 4 as a dessert, use a fork to mix 300g of fromage blanc (0%), 200ml coconut cream (from a carton) and 40g of icing sugar together, keep tasting to get the coconut flavour and the sweetness that you want! Serve in bowls topped with chopped fruit or alternatively dollop a large spoonful on a portion of fruit salad/ breakfast cereal/chocolate cake  ….

This is pretty creamy as it is, but is also nice when the fromage blanc is replaced with greek yoghurt.


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~plum jam and coconut ring cake~

This is another quickly made light fluffy cake!

Really easy – all the ingredients are put together in the processor and whizzed for a few mins before being poured into the tin for baking!

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~banana cup cakes~

Really simple banana cupcakes

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~chocolate crinkles~

These are so chocolaty and delicious, their smell alone will give you a chocolate hit!

They are soft and spongy in the middle and ever so slightly crusty on the outside and they look gorgeous.

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jam and vanilla cup cakes

These are so nice and easy and moreish and gone in a couple of bites and just the thing to go with coffee or tea or milk or hot chocolate.

The surprise jam center is a delicious bonus  …

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