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I had 4 egg whites left over after making a tray full of posh jammy biscuits

so I made some meringues!

This meringue recipe is so simple and quick I don’t know why I don’t make them more often.

Only 2 ingredients!

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Light and summery strawberry Pavlova!

This lovely dessert is crunchy on the outside and slightly gooey on the inside. The juicy strawberries off-set the sweet meringue.

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~raspberry ripple meringue ice-cream cake~

This is a very easy fruity ice cream cake perfect for warm summer evenings! Just remember it needs to be frozen for a minimum of 4 hours so don’t forget to make it in advance.

It is made in a loaf tin so is easily sliced into 8 good portions.
There’s a delicious balance of raspberries, and meringue with a deep raspberry ice top.


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~wonder chocolate chip cookies~

Wonderful biscuits, wonder how I lived without these, wondering how they can be really great with so little sugar, flour and butter, wonder if I could make them everyday, wonder if there will be any left for tomorrow ….

Deliciously light chocolate chip cookies with a meringue like crust, perfect with a cuppa!

 What more can I ask for  : low-fat, low(er) calorie and delicious!

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